Water as the solution

To obtain good results raising animals, it is necessary that the conditions of their accommodation are as close as they can be to the optimum conditions for each species and for each life cycle.

• The quantity of water consumed every day on a farm is very high because the animals must eat and assimilate the food as well as possible with the water provided.
•Also most of the time they consume water to cool down, lower the temperature of their bodies, and often compete with each other over the drinking fountains.
•Prevention of the appearance of diseases, food supplements need to be applied through the water.
•In this case the water must be in the best possible condition and does not suppose an added risk that a farmer must face.

Our sustainable water treatment systems are designed to turn it into an aid against the normal day to day problems: radically eliminate the biofilm, clear the pipes and drinking fountains, destroy the diseases that may exist in the water intake, finish with contamination centers that contaminate animals, etc.

But the TRASVAP system also prevents the contagion between the animals because the water maintains, even in the most distant distal points, a certain capacity of disinfection and, therefore, of destruction of contamination centers, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases and reducing and even eliminating the need to medicate animals.

By using only air and electrical energy, the treatment systems are totally sustainable and do not need any storage of reagents or expensive dosing tasks that could lead to errors.

The TRASVAP treatment systems represent an important economic saving for the farms and an increase of their production, maximizing their benefits.