Our Products and Services

TRASVAP is a company dedicated to water treatment and livestock and agricultural waste, with a profound respect for the environment, through the use of sustainable processes that allow consolidated results in the most advanced techniques for compliance with the desired parameters.

Our long experience in the conditioning of the environment and the treatment of water, at all levels, allows us to offer practical and inexpensive solutions to the problems that the agrarian and livestock sectors usually face.


We offer a wide range of services to help farms become true sustainable systems according to the environment that surrounds them improving their profitability and allowing a true mitigation of climate change.


The combination of our wastewater and livestock and agricultural treatments, adapting them both for watering and for the various types of waste as well as biodigestion of waste, even from forestry, guarantee their effectiveness.


One of the most common problems of the livestock sector is the quality of the water that is offered, for consumption, to the animals in the farms. Our company has water pre-treatment systems that guarantee an exceptional quality of the water.