TRASVAP is a company dedicated to water treatments and livestock and agricultural waste, with a profound respect for the environment, through the use of sustainable processes such as:

  • Livestock and agricultural wastewater treatments, adapting them for both for watering and for the various types of landfill, according to the needs.
  • Waste biodigestion, both livestock and agricultural, even coming from forestry and pruning of mountains and forests.
  • Inertization of all types of pig manure and cattle as well as all types of agricultural and livestock waste.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, controlling and suppressing, in many cases, the emission of these to the atmosphere.

Our treatment systems have the highest performance on the market and at the same time they use, when the situation is advised, the methane generated as a source of energy needed to function, thus closing the cycle and obtaining exceptional results which make them ideal candidates for climate change mitigation programs.

The fertilizers obtained meet the requirements of high quality fertilizers, and unlike the other systems in the market, they have characteristics of reduced concentration and humidity that make the realization of drying treatments unnecessary.

Due to the closed cycle, there are no emissions made into the atmosphere that could pose a risk to people's health.